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Top Gold Sources – Burning Crusade

The most asked question in the last weeks is: “How do I get gold in BC?” Especially the fact that flying in Outland costs 5,000 gold forces many players to deal with this topic.

In this guide I will show you some ways how you can reach your goal.

Primal Elements & Motes of Elements

When you think of Farming in Burning Crusade, the word “Primal Elements” comes to mind. Not without reason, because these elements are used by almost every profession and are a perfect source of gold.

Just as an example:

The farmspots for Primal Elements differ mainly if you can fly or not, because some spots are otherwise not accessible for you. Take a look at our farmspots:

You can only farm Motes, never full Primal Elements. If you have 10 of them, you can combine them into one element.
Tip: Sometimes the particles are sold cheaper in the auction house. Buy them and convert them into elements.

Netherweb Spider Silk

This silk is an important item for tailors. Starting with the Imbued Netherweave Bag to Epic Items like the Ice Shadow Set, each item requires 2-4 Netherweb Spider Silk. The demand here will be very high. In Terokkar Forest you can get this silk from the NPCs Dreadfang Lurker.

burning crusade classic farming netherweb spider silk

Skinning: Thick Clefthoof Leather

Skinning NPCs is and remains one of the best sources of gold in any expansion, because you have no expenses but 100% profit.

A popular spot is the Clefthoof Farm in Nagrand. This leather is used in leatherworking, for example, for the leg enchantment Clefthide Leg Armor as well as Nethercleft Leg Armor. When it comes to armor, tailors need up to 40 Thick Clefthoof Leather for one item.

burning crusade classic farming thick clefthoof leather

Skinning: Cobra-, Nether Dragon- and Wind Scales

Cobra Scales is used for leg enchants like Cobrahide Leg Armor or Nethercobra Leg Armor. Well known epic items are Cobrascale Gloves (8 Scales) and Cobrascale Hood (10 Scales).

Nether Dragonscales and Wind Scales are used for a lot more items and can be farmed in the Blade’s Edge Mountains. Take a look at the corresponding farmspots:

Mining and Herablism

Especially at the start of the expansion, materials such as ores, leather, cloth and herbs are needed in masses. The demand is extreme but the supply is usually very low.

It is important that you can fly quickly, because this makes you much faster and more effective. Since there is now also jeweler’s art and some armors have up to 3 sockets, the demand for ores also increases.


Fishing is rarely one of the TOP gold sources, but this market also has its strengths. I can only recommend it to everyone to simply hold the fishing rod in the water, adjust the back of the chair backwards and turn on Netflix or twitch.tv/goldgoblinnet. Really relaxed farming and in the end you have even earned gold.

Stealth-Farm (Rogue & Druid)

The Dark Portal opens and all hell breaks loose in Outland. Thousands of players hunt for NPCs and materials through the zones.
How can I get around this?
How to farm solo in instances! With the Rogue and Druid classes, you can stealth through dungeons to search for ores and herbs. Favorite is the rogue as you can open chests and blind or stun NPCs if they are in your loot area for the ore, herb or chest.

Popular Dungeons are Mana TombsShadow LabyrinthSethekk Halls or The Underbog.

Reputation Items

As you probably already know, the reputation farm is an absolute must in BC, since many recipes and armors can only be bought with a certain reputation level. Fortunately, this reputation can be pushed with reputation items that drop from NPCs. These can be traded and sold in the auction house!

Many players take the path of least resistance and buy these reputation items in the auction house. You can earn quite a bit of gold that way. Here you can find an overview of the different items including their farmspots.

Solo Classic Dungeons

Even if many players only play on Outland, you still need materials from Classic to skill professions. An example would be farming Scholomance. Dropped bound items are disenchanted with Enchanting and sold in the auction house.

Magiestoff and Runenstoff are always up to grant you some gold coins!

Crafting Professions

Whether armor, weapons, enchantments or potions – you can earn a lot of gold with crafting professions. The most important thing in BC is which recipes you earn in the form of reputation or with drops.

If you get a rare recipe in a raid or instance, you can dominate a market and earn a lot of gold. Basically, the faster you can craft something, the more gold you get.

Heres a list of items that (usually) sell really well:

Cooldowns like Primal MoonclothShadowcloth and Spellcloth or different Transmutations of the Alchemist Profession are always good sources of gold too.

For suggestions, improvement proposals (e.g. cheaper or faster possibilities) or
to report bugs you can always contact me on the Goldgoblin Discord.
Thank you very much!

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