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Thursday, 22. September 2022

First Aid – Wrath Classic

In this WoW Classic profession guide you will learn how to level up the First Aid profession in in Wrath of the Lich King Classic quickly and efficiently. Of course there are also corresponding guides for Classic First Aid and Burning Crusade First Aid. You want to level up another profession? Then take a look at the overview of all profession guides.

This guide is based on the state of the closed beta.
Changes are still possible at any time.

First Aid is one of the three secondary professions. For classes that don’t have healing spells and aren’t alchemists, bandages like the Heavy Frostweave Bandage are the best way to heal in combat or after combat when you don’t have food in your bag.

Northrend First Aid Trainer

WotLK Classic Tailoring can be learned from the following trainers:

First Aid: 1-375

If your profession is not yet at least 350, the Classic First Aid Guide and the Burning Crusade First Aid Guide will help you. Whether you want to skill from 350 to 375 with Northrend recipes or still with Burning Crusade materials is up to you (and the prices in your auction house).

First Aid: 350-450

noted Shopping List

The following list of materials is only a rough guide to get an overview of the quantitative dimensions of reagents needed to skill at maximum level! Depending on your luck or bad luck with the yellow/green recipes you might need more or less materials.

Leveling Guide


60 x Frostweave Bandage – 60 Frostweave Cloth

The recipe is yellow from 375, so skill points are then no longer guaranteed and you may need to make the recipe more times, requiring more materials than specified.

To progress from here you will need a manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage, a world random drop bound in pickup. To drop the book you need at least skill 390.

The two enemies with the highest chance of leaving it to you are SSkeletal Archmage in Icecrown and Snowblind Devotee in Storm Peaks. Less high-level enemies would be Rageclaw Primalists and Drakuru Berserkers in Zul’Drak.

However, you may also get it from enemies while questing or with a slightly higher chance in dungeons.

For suggestions, improvement proposals (e.g. cheaper or faster possibilities) or
to report bugs you can always contact me on the Goldgoblin Discord.
Thank you very much!

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