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In this WoW Classic profession guide you will learn how to level up the Skinning profession in in World of Warcraft Classic + Season of Discovery quickly and efficiently. Of course there is also a corresponding Burning Crusade Skinning guide. You want to level up another profession? Then take a look at the overview of all profession guides.

General Information

  • Skinning is one of three Gathering Professions in World of Warcraft.
  • Kill beasts, dragons, dragonkins and insects – you can skin all of them!
  • Gathering professions do not use raw materials, they gather them – so they do not cost gold to level but get you gold if you sell your materials.
  • Raw Leather is used by the Leatherworking profession.
  • It is recommended to use Leatherworking as your second profession.

Skinning trainers

With Burning Crusade, every profession is fully learnable up to 300 from the teachers in the capitals.
Don’t forget to visit your profession trainer to not waste any time!

Apprentice (1-75 | requires Level 5)
Trainer in every major city

Journeyman (75-150 | requires Skill 50)
Trainer in every major city

Expert (150-225 | requires Skill 125)
Trainer in every major city

Artisan (225-300 | requires Skill 200)
Trainer in every major city

NPC Level per Leather

Ruined Leather Scraps: 1-16
Light Leather: 1-27
Light Hide: 10-27
Medium Leather: 15-36
Medium Hide: 15-36
Heavy Leather: 25-46
Heavy Hide: 25-46
Thick Leather: 35-63
Thick Hide: 40-59
Rugged Leather: 43-63
Rugged Hide: 47-63

Leveling Classic-Skinning: 1-300

Skill 1 – Level 5

WoW Horde Undead: Dogs around Brill
WoW Horde Orcs and Trolls: Boars and Scorpions near Sen’jin
WoW Horde Tauren: Wolfs and Striders around Bloodhoof Village WoW Allianz Humans: Boars around Goldshire
WoW Allianz Gnomes and Dwarfs: Boars and Wendigos south of Kharanos
WoW Allianz Night Elfs: Prowler and every other beast around Dolanaar

Skill 25 – Level 10

WoW Horde Undead: Worgen in Silverpine Forest
WoW HordeOrcs and Trolls: Boars, Scorpions, Crocilisks and Raptors around Orgrimmar
WoW Horde Tauren: Striders and Wolves around Thunderbluff WoW Allianz Humans: Prowler and Bears in East Elwynn Forest
WoW Allianz Gnomes and Dwarfs: Wolves near Brewnall (Dun Morogh)
WoW Allianz Night Elfs: Panthers and Bears near Auberdine (Darkshore)

Skill 50 – Level 13

WoW Horde At this point, every Horde player should head to Crossroads in the Barrens. There are Striders, Raptors and Wolves to skin. WoW Allianz Humans: Boars near Sentinel Hill (Westfall)
WoW Allianz Gnomes and Dwarfs: Bears and Crocilisks near Thelsamar (Loch Modan)
WoW Allianz Night Elfs: Panthers and Bears near Auberdine (Darkshore) Visit your trainer after you reached Skill 50 to learn the next rank!

Skill 100 – Level 20

WoW Horde Boars and Thunderhawks near Camp Taurajo (Barrens)

WoW Allianz At this point, every Alliance player should head to go to Redrige Mountains and find Welps and Boars around Lakeshire. With Skill 110 you can go to the Wetlands. There are Crocilisks, Raptors and Dragonkins/Welplings to skin. Most of the beasts there are Level 21/22, so Skill 110 is advised.

Skill 130 – Level 24

WoW AllianzWoW Horde Bears and Mountain Lions in Hillsbrad Foothills Alternatives:
WoW Allianz Bears and Wolves in Duskwood (Alliance only)
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Bears, Stags and Panthers in Ashenvale Visit your trainer after you reached Skill 125 to learn the next rank!

Skill 150 – Level 28

WoW AllianzWoW Horde Yetis (in a cave!) and Mountain Lions beneath Hillsbrad Foothills and Alterac Mountains Alternatives:
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Hyenas, Lions, Wyvern and Thunderhawks in Thousand Needles
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Bears, Stags and Ghostpaws in Ashenvale

Skill 170 – Level 32

WoW AllianzWoW Horde Raptors in Arathi Highlands Alternative:
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Turtles and Basilisks in the Shimmering Flats (Thousand Needles)

Skill 180 – Level 34

WoW AllianzWoW Horde Raptors, Panthers and Tigers around Nesingwarys (Stranglethorn Vale)
HINT: You can level in Stranglethorn until you reach Skill 300, since beasts levels vary from 34-50Alternatives:
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Raptors and Crocilisks in the Marshs of Dustwallow
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Thunder Lizards, Kodos, Basilisks, Scorpions and Hyenas in Desolace
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Welps in the Wetlands

Skill 220 – Level 38

WoW AllianzWoW Horde Raptors and Gorillas around the Gurubashi Arena (Stranglethorn Vale) Alternatives:
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Panthers, Jaguars and Crocilisks in the Swamp of Sorrows
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Drachkins, Coyotes and Panthers in the Badlands
WoW Allianz Wolves around Moonfeather Stronghold (Feralas) Visit your trainer after you reached Skill 225 to learn the next rank!

Skill 250 – Level 45

WoW AllianzWoW Horde Hyenas and Board in the Northern Blasted Lands Alternatives:
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Wolves and Gryphons in the Hinterlands
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Stags and Hippogryphs in in Azshara
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Hippogryphs , Apes, Bears, Wolves and Yetis in Feralas

Skill 275 – Level 50

WoW AllianzWoW Horde Jagueros and Gorillas on Jaguero Isle (East of Booty Bay). Reach Skill 300 here! Alternatives:
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Yetis, Chimearas and Bears in Winterspring
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Bears in the Western Plaguelands
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Plaguehounds and Plaguebats in the Eastern Plaguelands
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Turtles in eastern Hinterlands
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Turtles and Chimaeras in Azshara
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Dragonkins, Worgen und Scorpions in the Burning Steppes

For suggestions, improvement proposals (e.g. cheaper or faster possibilities) or
to report bugs you can always contact me on the Goldgoblin Discord.
Thank you very much!

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