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Thursday, 22. September 2022

Cooking – Wrath Classic

In this WoW Classic profession guide you will learn how to level up the Cooking profession in in Wrath of the Lich King Classic quickly and efficiently. Of course there are also corresponding guides for Classic Cooking and Burning Crusade Cooking. You want to level up another profession? Then take a look at the overview of all profession guides.

This guide is based on the state of the closed beta.
Changes are still possible at any time.

Northrend Cooking Trainer

WotLK Classic Tailoring can be learned from the following trainers:

Cooking: 1-375

If your profession is not yet at least 350, the Classic Cooking Guide. and the Burning Crusade Cooking Guide will help you. Whether you want to skill from 350 to 375 with Northrend recipes or still with Burning Crusade materials is up to you (and the prices in your auction house).

Cooking: 350-450

noted Shopping List

The following list of materials is only a rough guide to get an overview of the quantitative dimensions of reagents needed to skill at maximum level! Depending on your luck or bad luck with the yellow/green recipes you might need more or less materials.

TSM Shopping List String

If you have TSM installed you can use the code below to load the shopping list materials into your shopping list.
If you don’t know how to do that, take a look at the following clip:


Leveling Guide

To learn the first recipe you need to complete the quest Diese Quest ist zu erledigen!Northern Cooking. You can get it from the cooking instructors in Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra. To complete it you need 4 Chilled Meat.


To learn the next recipe you will have to complete a small series of quests.

  1. Venture Co. Misadventure
  2. Wipe That Grin Off His Face
  3. Need an Engine, Take an Engine
  4. Have a Part, Give a Part
  5. Rhino Mastery: The Test
  6. Dreadsaber Mastery: Becoming a Predator

Talk to Grimbooze Thunderbrew and accept the quest Diese Quest ist zu erledigen!Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor. After The Taste Test is completed, learn the recipe for Kungaloosh.

  1. Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor
  2. Still At It
  3. The Taste Test


50x Kungaloosh – 100 Tundra Berries, 50 Savory Snowplum

All the ingredients for this recipe are offered by Applebough, the fruit vendor in Dalaran.

At Skill 400 you need to do the Daily Quests in Dalaran to get Dalaran Cooking Awards. You will also need 1 Northern Spices for each of these purchased recipes. These can be in the bags you get as a reward for the Daily Quests, but can also be bought for 1 Dalaran Cooking Award or in the Auction House. The cooking dailies will provide you with WoW AllianzKatherine Lee or WoW HordeAwilo Lon’gomba in the faction inns in Dalaran.


One of the Recipes you bought for Dalaran Cooking Award.

From here on, you can either continue cooking with the recipes you got from the daily quests, learn new recipes and cook them up to 450, or switch to Recipe: Small Feast or Recipe: Gigantic Feast, which remain yellow until skill 450.


30-34x one of the bought recipes (yellow)

25x Small Feast or Gigantic Feast

Cooking Dailies & Buff-Food

Daily Cooking Quests

The available daily cooking quests are the following:

Epicurean’s Award Vendor

WoW Allianz Derek Odds, Dalaran
WoW Horde Misensi, Dalaran
WoW AllianzWoW Horde Mera Mistrunner, Argent Tournament Grounds (Icecrown) Phase 3

These recipes for Buff-Food are sold by above mentioned sellers for 3 Epicurean’s Awards.

Rezept: Fischmahl (5 Epicurean’s Award)Attack Power or Spellpower
Rezept: Megamammutmahl40 Attack Power
Rezept: Zartes Schaufelhauersteak46 Spellpower
Rezept: Würziger Wurmburger40 Crit
Rezept: Sehr verbrannter Worg40 Haste
Rezept: Große Rhinowurst20 mp5
Rezept: Pochierte nordische Groppe80 Attack Power
Rezept: Feuerkracherlachs46 Spellpower
Rezept: Würziger blauer Nesselfisch40 Crit
Rezept: Steak vom imperialen Mantarochen40 Haste
Rezept: Würziger Brathering20 mp5
Rezept: Rhinoziöses Wurmsteak40 Expertise
Rezept: TierhappenControls Critters
Rezept: Herzhaftes Rhinozeros40 Armor Penetration
Rezept: Bombenschnapper40 Hit
Rezept: Schwarzgebratenes WorgsteakTrack Humanoids
Rezept: Sepiasteak40 Spirit
Rezept: Gewürzte MammutleckereienPet Buff-Food
Rezept: Geschwärzte Drachenflosse40 Agility
Rezept: Drachenflossenfilet40 Strength
Rezept: FährtenlesersnacksTrack Beasts
Rezept: Gigantisches FestmahlYou get bigger!
Rezept: Kleines FestmahlYou get smaller!
Rezept: Worgtatar40 Hit

This vendor also sells Kochmütze for 100 Epicurean’s Award, which will allow you to cook faster.

For suggestions, improvement proposals (e.g. cheaper or faster possibilities) or
to report bugs you can always contact me on the Goldgoblin Discord.
Thank you very much!

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