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Friday, 23. September 2022

Herbalism – Burning Crusade Classic

In this World of Warcraft guide everything revolves around Burning Crusade Classic Herbalism and how to level it.

Outland Herbalism Trainer

Burning Crusade Classic Herbalism can be learned from the following trainers:

  • WoW Allianz Rorelien – Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula [53.6, 65.8]
  • WoW Horde Ruak Stronghorn – Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula [52, 36]

Outland Herbs and Nodes

HerbRequired SkillBest Zone to gather
FelweedNode300All Outland zones
Dreaming GloryNode315All Outland zones
TeroconeNode325Terokkar Forest
Ancient LichenNode340Auchindoun dungeons
Nightmare VineNode365Shadowmoon Valley
Mana ThistleNode375Terokkar Forest, Nagrand
Fel Lotus

Herbalism: 1-300

To get your profession to 300 you can use our Classic Herbalism Guide.

Herbalism: 300-375

When leveling Gathering professions, the most optimal route for collecting different node types is often a large circle, or “circuit”, around an entire zone or smaller route within it.


Considering there will be a lot of competition when gathering herbs in the starting zone, you can easily level the first 15 skill points in Winterspring. Icecap is yellow until skill 340, so go ahead as long as you want!



You can stay in the Plaguelands and have a good time gathering herbs until hitting 330/340, but you can also head over to Outland now. Zangarmarsh is the easiest zone to farm in due to a lot of herbs growing there.

Of course you can according to your skill level also choose to gather in another zone. Its all up to you.

Farming Spots for Herbalists

burning crusade classic farming guide felweed
burning crusade classic farming guide dreaming glory
burning crusade classic farming guide terocone
burning crusade classic farming guide ragveil
burning crusade classic farming guide netherbloom
burning crusade classic farming guide nightmare vine

Mana Thistle

Mana Thistle is particularly important, since it is a reagent in a lot of highly useful endgame Alchemy recipes. You can find Mana Thistle in Terokkar Forest (above Shattrath and in and around Skettis) and in Nagrand, near the Twilight Ridge.

Mana Thistle is a used mostly for cauldrons:

Fel Lotus

Fel Lotus is also highly wanted. Fel Lotus does not have own nodes, but you have a 4% chance to get it when gathering other herbs in Outland. So the only way to farm Fel Lotus is farming other herbs.

You need Fel Lotus for:

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