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Thursday, 22. September 2022

Goldgoblin’s Guides

Are you looking for guides on how to earn gold in World of Warcraft Classic? I haven’t written my own guides for Classic yet, but I would like to present you a collection of videos and guides from other creators on this page.

Tip 1:
Basically, it should be said that many players recommend Mining, Herbalism and Skinning at the beginning. Definitely worth choosing is Skinning, because you kill thousands of NPCs which can be skinned. As a second choice mining or herbalism. Especially at level 60 your herbs become more valuable for potions and flask.

Tip 2:
Place a min. level 5 Alt in the city next to an auction house and learn Enchanting with him. Farmed greens can be disenchanted and the materials sold at a high price. Also the topic “Flip” becomes interesting here. Some players will put their green armor for much less silver in the Auction House compared to the materials that arise from a disenchantment.

Tip 3:
Store your mats and items on an alt in one of the main cities.

Tip 4:
Tired from Leveling? Grab a fishing pole and fish! Its relaxing and generates some gold.

Tip 5:
The big gold sources start at level 60, so don’t go crazy before. It is ideal if you can do every profession, but concentrate on what you enjoy. The tailor will have his success with bags as well as the alchemist with potions for the raid players. Many ways lead to success.

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