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Farming Icecap

You need Herbalism 290 to gather this herb. Winterspring Icecaps can also be farmed in Alterac Mountains (the snowy part where the Yetis live), but the best zone to farm it is definitely Winterspring. You will also find a lot of Mountain Silversage

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Farming Dreamfoil

You need Herbalism 270 to gather this herb. Azshara If you only want Dreamfoil, Azshara is your place to be! Eastern Plaguelands This zone is also recommended to farm Dreamfoil because you have access to a lot of other herbs like Plaguebloom, Arthas’

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Farming Golden Sansam

You need Herbalism 260 to gather this herb. Swamp of Sorrows The herbs here are spreaded apart a lot, so it is recommended to ride in zig zag across the area. Felwood This zone is a great alternative. You will also find Dreamfoil,

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