20. July 2022 - 09:23 Uhr
20. July 2022 - 09:23 Uhr

XP Buff for Classic will come – Stay tuned

As of today, the 50% more XP buff “Wind of Wisdom” is active for all retail players. This will run until 03.08. and thus the start of Season 4. However, many Classic players had actually expected the buff today. Blizzard had already confirmed a few weeks ago that a 50% more XP level event will be started a few weeks before the Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch (see post).

In the last few days, a Discord leak made the rounds stating that the event would start on 19 July. The date was correct, just not for Classic. Tonight, the waves quickly rose as to why the XP buff is not live for Classic.

On Wednesday night, the official World of Warcraft account spoke out on the issue.

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