30. January 2024 - 01:33 Uhr
30. January 2024 - 01:33 Uhr

New materials & 20 new recipes for professions | SoD Phase 2

After the positive reception to professions in Season of Discovery Phase 1, we are building and expanding on it significantly for Phase 2. Players will be able to discover approximately twenty new recipes across all non-gather professions. This includes recipes for Alchemy, Enchanting, and Engineering along with Leatherworking, Tailoring, and Blacksmithing. Professions will cap at 225 in Phase 2 and profession specializations will open later in Season of Discovery Phase 3.

Just like in Phase 1, players will be able to undertake an epic quest chain to unlock access. No spoilers though!

Recipes will also include some new materials that players will be able to find throughout the game and trade with others to get the items they need most to craft their wares. Here are just some of the recipes you will find:

Alchemists and Enchanters will find a couple of new recipes which can bring more utility and throughput into their own gameplay rather than simply creating things that they can use and sell to make a little extra gold.

Here are just a couple of examples:

Source: worldofwarcraft.com

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