3. May 2022 - 08:57 Uhr
3. May 2022 - 08:58 Uhr

End of season 3 – Blizzard adjusts discounts

With Burning Crusade Classic Season 3 ending this week, we can now see how the results are approximating, and we’ve decided to make some adjustments that will increase players’ ability to purchase PvP gear.

After Season 3 is complete, the discount on Season 3 gear will be increased to 60% (was 50%).

Developers’ notes: This should allow for players who reached the cap of 5,000 Arena Points to buy their set and a two-hand weapon, or their set and main hand and an offhand item.

Tier 6 tokens will now be exchangeable for Season 3 gear.

The Arena Points calculation has been updated to reduce the disparity of weekly Arena Points earned between different ratings.

Developers’ note: All Arena players should see an increase in points earned, and those at lower ratings should see a higher increase.

These changes will occur during maintenance and will affect the final Season 3 calculations that take place this week (tomorrow, May 3 in this region).

Community Manager Kaivax

Quelle: us.forum.blizzard.com

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