20. December 2023 - 11:56 Uhr
20. December 2023 - 11:56 Uhr

Darkmoon Faire – 14 Slot Bag

The Darkmoon Fair has set up its tents again in the Elwynn Forest (near Goldhain) from December 18 to 24. It’s worth a visit, because you can get a 14 slot bag at the fair. You can find out how it works here.

Elwynn Forest

There is still no Darkmoon Island in Classic, which is why everything takes place in the forest of Elywynn or Mulgore. There you will find a few tents with merchants.

Only one fair is active at a time! In this case from 18.12. to 24.12. in the forest of Elwynn and then again from 08.01. to 14.12. in Mulgore.

Dunkelmond Wald von Elwynn
Elwynn Forest – Goldhain

Darkmoon Storage Box 14 Slot Bag

For this container you need 50 Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket, which you can obtain via various drop-off quests. As soon as you have the 50 Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket , hand them in to elvas Grimegate at the Faire and you will receive the Darkmoon Storage Container.

Darkmoon Storage
Darkmoon Storage Box

Drop-off quest

These quests are divided into 5 levels with different requirements. In the first phase of SoD, you can hand in a maximum of level 3 quests. As soon as you have reached a certain reputation level, lower quests can no longer be handed in. You will receive 100 reputation per quest. These quests are purely delivery quests in the form of materials and crafted items.

TierTickets – Turn inmin. CharacterlevelReputation Cutoff
111(500/3000) Neutral
2410(1100/3000) Neutral
3820(1700/3000) Neutral
41230(2500/3000) Neutral
52040(5999/6000) Friendly

Yebb Neblegear


Elwynn Forest Location: /way 40.2, 69.5
Mulgore Location: /way 37.5, 39.6

Kerri Hicks


Elwynn Forest Location: /way 40.5, 69.9
Mulgore Location: /way 37.8, 38.9



Elwynn Forest Location: /way 41.7, 70.7
Mulgore Location: /way 37.1, 37.2



Elwynn Forest Location: /way 41.5, 68.9
Mulgore Location: /way 37.2, 37.7

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