26. January 2022 - 08:36 Uhr
26. January 2022 - 08:36 Uhr

China is selling the Spectral Tiger for 236€ – BCC

Traditionally, at the turn of the Chinese year, Blizzard delivers the appropriate animal as a mount for the in-game store. The last few years there has already been speculation about what the tiger for 2022 will look like? “Funny would be, if they would deliver the spectral tiger in the store”.

Since yesterday evening you can buy as already reported (HERE) the Shop Mount Wen Lo for 25€ in the Store. Who owns or buys a 6 month subscription, gets it for free.

The news has surprised our chinese colleagues, because there you can really buy the spectral tiger in the store. However, it can ONLY be used for Burning Crusade Classic.

The WowChina announcement also included a short video showing the reins of the fast spectral tiger, which are available for players who purchase the 180-day playtime package. It is important to note that the Chinese World of Warcraft realms are managed by NetEase, and therefore often have differences in gameplay or store compared to other regions.

For example, the Classic Realms have a WoW token available for purchase.

The package that includes the fast spectral tiger, the Wen Lo mount, and the Goblin Cauldron toy costs ¥1,688 CNY (about €236) and the package without the fast spectral tiger costs ¥310 CNY (about €43).

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