28. October 2021 - 08:09 Uhr
28. October 2021 - 10:39 Uhr

Bots – Pickpocket Debuff THIEF

One of the biggest problems of an MMO are bots. They destroy the economy, encourage the sale of gold, and destroy the game experience of honest players. One popular bot farm is the Blackrock Depths in Classic TBC using pickpocketing. Blizzard just wants to combat this.

Taschendiebstahl Season of Mastery
Source: wowhead.com

During the “Season of Mastery” beta, a debuff called “Thief” for pickpocketing is currently being tested. After 9-11 times of pickpocketing you will get the debuff “Thief”, which will only let you get “Pocket Lint” for the next 30 minutes. These lints only give 2 coppers at the merchant and are therefore not a lucrative option for bots.
After death, the debuff disappears.

Taschendiebstahl Season of Mastery Fussel
Source: wowhead.com

Unfortunately, this destroys not only the gold source for bots, but also for honest players who have created a rogue especially for this kind of farming.

Instead of listening to bot reports from players, systems are built in that make pickpocketing uninteresting in the future. Of course, this variant is cheaper, because you can continue to fire GMs.

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