11. Oktober 2022 - 02:23 Uhr

Hotfixes vom 10.10.

Heute Nacht wurde folgendes auf den Wrath Classic Realms angepasst:

  • Naxxramas
    • Fixed an issue where Kel’Thuzad would damage the main tank with Frost Blast, in addition to a random raid target. Frost Blast will now only hit the main tank if the primary target of Frost Blast is standing near the main tank, or the main tank is not the highest threat target.
  • Fixed issue with Strand of the Ancients where same-faction battleground teams disguised as the opposite faction would be sent to the wrong graveyard upon death.
  • Fixed an issue where Hyperspeed Accelerators could not be used in the same macro as spells and abilities.
    • Developers‘ note: Due to the nature of this fix, Hyperspeed Accelerators‘ on-use effect no longer shares a partial cooldown with on-use Trinkets as they once did. For now, this is known and intended, but we may attempt a different fix in a future patch to resolve the macro issue above which no longer allows this and puts engineering glove tinkers and on-use trinkets back onto a shared cooldown.

Quelle: eu.forums.blizzard.com

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